Aspire Nautilus Mini, have to twist glass open a little to get juice to flow?

Does anyone know why this happens? I'm using Aspire Nautilus Mini tank with BVC 1.8 ohm coils on a CF VV pen battery, vaping 50/50 juice. I will be about halfway through the first tank of juice on a new coil and will start to get dryish hits...or more like not full flavor hits. Then I will hold the base of the tank and twist open the glass tank slightly (like I'm unscrewing when you refill the tank, I'm not talking about twist the airflow ring to one of the 4 holes...that stays the same, I hold it in place). Then I will get a bunch of bubbles from the cotton holes in the tank (like unscrewing the glass is somehow letting air in or something) and then the next several hits have plenty of juice/flavor. Why does this happen? Why do I have to twist the glass to get juice to go to the wick? Is this a sign I am doing something else wrong?
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