Poor wicking with Cleito 120

Ok, I am usually one of those that do not have problems with an Aspire product. I love my Cleito 120. Initially I had no problems. After the first fill, I am having an issue with wicking. I have been running the coils at about 95W to 100W with better performance with wicking but still have the problem. When I loosen the bottom top cap, it goes away but not with the drip tip loosened. I noticed even if I make sure that the fill cap is only just tight enough to keep it from leaking, it still does not wick properly. I have been using max VG juice and have used 3 different juices. It is hard to get anything lower atm in my state due to the laws. I have the black version and noticed that it is using a different colored O-rings(possibly different material than the SS version?). I am on the 2nd coil from the original package and both had the same issue. It can be prone to leaking while the vacuum seal is broken from the top cap being off and was wondering if anyone else has had the same wicking issue? I do know that if a coil wicking material is too tight in the coil assembly, it can cause the wicking issues. Not sure if this is the cause but worth looking into. It is a great tank and I love using it, but I cannot review it and give a good recommendation for it if I am having this issue. I have tried everthing that my years of vaping has taught me to try and fix it on my end so I am seeing what everyone else can suggest. I am seeing a lot of reviews saying that they are not having one problem with wicking so I know that this may just be an isolated thing and that not everyone is having the problem. Like I said I love this tank and am going to continue using it even with the problem I am having.
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    Sorry to hear that @midnightwolf, wish I could help you but I don't have the Cleito 120 (yet ?).
    Have you tried to make little holes with a needle in the wicking cotton ?
  • Here us a picture of the inside of the current coil I am using. As you can see the cotton has worked itself between the coil and just hanging out in the middle.
    4032 x 3024 - 3M
  • Just a quick update. The coils that came with the tank were wound too tightly around the coils. One was so tight that the cotton was forcing itself through the coil. I found a local shop that had coils in stock and purchased a 5 pack of em. I primed it up and swapped out the 2nd coil that came with the tank. I am getting the wicking that I should from it now. It is by far one of the best vapes I have had without using a dripper. I can even bump up the wattage and it will still perform and not get dry. I can now recommend this tank.
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