A fake Aspire Nautilus from your own store?

Hello. This regards Order #201436700

In order to ensure that I received genuine Aspire products, I chose to order directly from your online store, even if I had to pay more than I would by buying them from another website.

I ordered the following: Aspire Nautilus (full size), 20 BVC coils (4 boxes of 5), a Nautilus replacement tank with a hollowed-out sleeve, and a Nautilus Mini replacement tank with a hollowed-out sleeve.

I ordered these from your online store at:


I received the order, today, but immediately saw two problems with the Nautilus packaging:

1. There was no 3D sticker on the box.
2. The inner packaging was plastic, instead of paperboard.

According to your site, each of these things are supposed to flag something as a fake product:


Please help.
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  • @VaporCloud Hello ,
    We concelled the 3D sticker several months ago.
    the Nautilus Mini is comprised of a material termed as ‘Paperboard’ -
    But for the nautilus tank is plastic.
  • OK. That's very confusing and makes me very uneasy about any Aspire products I might buy. If the 3D and paperboard were two strong distinctions you made between your packaging and the packaging used by fakes, why would you quit using the 3D stickers and not use paperboard for all versions of the Nautilus?

    Last month, I bought an Atlantis V2 from http://www.101vape.com and a Nautilus Mini from http://www.hoosierecig.com. Both products had 3D stickers and paperboard packaging inside.

    I know that you have scratch-off codes that can be checked, but a fake could get lucky by generating a bunch of numbers, so it's not completely fool proof. However, when the products also had your 3D sticker and had paperboard packaging inside, it make me feel very confident that I had a genuine Aspire product.
  • @VaporCloud hello,thank you for supporting aspire.
    I will pass your kind suggestion to our packaging department.
    Your kind suggestion always welecome.
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