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Hello....I recently made a purchase on line store and received notice it had shipped on 25 august.We are now 9 august and no other entry on tracking since 25 august What is the norm when shipping to Canada..my previous purchase was much much quicker...
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  • @ammo58 hello ,did you ordered from our online store:online.aspirecig.com/
    If yes,please feel free to send your order number to our online store support: online@aspirecig.com
    she will answer your question at the first time
  • Yes I did..tried that but got no response..LM072849176CN
  • Sorry that number was tracking...order number #201436276
  • Sorry for the trouble .
    Usually e-EMS takes 8-20 workdays ,now the package is on the way .Pls kindly wait for some time .And we will ask the transporting company to check and update .

    2016-08-26 12:51 CNSZXD,China, International item has left originating country and is en route to Canada
    2016-08-25 21:19 518104,China, International item mailed in originating country
  • Alright will do...I assume my first order was the exception arriving quite quickly..at any rate thank you for giving a look ,hopefully they will arrive this week...Best Regards
  • Well we are now the 16 September and still not arrived in Canada according to tracking...not impressed at all...may think about purchasing elsewhere Anyway paid with paypal so I'm covered
  • What is going on....you provided me with a tracking number which still only states it left china on august 26 we are 20 sept and still nothing.Now I come to the site and it states I have been refunded....what kind of business are you running...you are the direct seller and I get better service from a stranger...You leave no notice to me you are refunding and I would still be waiting for my product....TERRIBLE AFTER SALES SERVICE...
  • @ammo58
    So sorry for the trouble . We got the reply the package was in Canada .Now would you pls check it in the local Post Office ? Because we need long time to check it in Canada .
    Tracking number : LM072849176CN
    Check website: http://www.ems.com.cn/english.html?COLLCC=3192823246&;

    We will follow it until you got the package .
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  • @ammo58
    Did you get the package ? I checked ,Delivered on 27th Sept. .
    Any other questions ,pls contact me again .
    Have a nice day !
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