New Aspire Triton Mini (Sept-2016) Problems After Only a Couple Weeks

I just bought two of these. I love 'em! I have a couple of problems developing right away though; one, the O ring straddling the top tip that you have to unscrew to get to where you pour in your juice wears out immediately (about 20 fills). It starts to expand and falls off. I noticed that it is not really needed as long as you do NOT open the fill valve until you have the top off and are ready to fill it. Two, and the main problem is when rotating the top portion that moves it from Vape mode to Fill mode at first it moved freely but over time it is getting tighter and tighter. Yesterday it was so tight I had to get a pair of channel-locks and a set of pliers to move it. I tried to pull it apart to see what was wrong but it won't come apart. I thought maybe this was a one-time problem but the other new tank I purchased only about a week after this one is doing the same thing. Anyone else have this problem or know anything about it? thx
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  • E-liquids are quite good lubricants, so always put a drop or two on threaded parts.
    For the rotating top portion, keep your Triton upside down for lets says one hour (on vaping mode of course), so some liquid will be able to make it's work.
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