FDA claims authority to regulate nicotine-free e-cig products

The Food and Drug Administration’s response to a legal challenge on its electronic cigarette regulations is that all such products “present significant risks to the public health,” even when nicotine-free liquids are consumed.
more detailed information,please click here:journalnow.com/business/business_news/local/fda-claims-authority-to-regulate-nicotine-free-e-cig-products/article_65079123-2360-5649-a74f-43856efff16a.html
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  • Looks like more BS from the FDA to me!
  • Basically if the intent is to inhale a vaporized liquid to replace tobacco use, then it is a tobacco product. I can understand where they could get away with how the nicotine might be derived from tobacco even though there are more plant sources for nicotine than tobacco, but zero nic juice I just can't. I would put it on the lines of a fog machine fluid that has been flavored. Crap Phil did a video using a fog machine to vape with and that will be considered banned, lol.
  • @midnightwolf I saw that video you mentioned above.So interesting.
    Vape with fog machine,so crazy. :))
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