Cleito SS316L Coils in Wattage mode are the best for Cleito tank IMO!

I recently got a Cleito tank and had some frustrations getting it broke in and just when I did the air lock kept happening. So I returned the .2 ohm coils that I had purchased and traded them for the Stainless Steel 316L Temperature Controlled coils recognizable by the black O-Rings instead of the orange ones. They are Rated 55-65 Watts. I don't really like TC mode and my Pegasus doesn't support SS coils in TC mode so I'm running them in Wattage mode at around 45-55 Watts and they are by far superior to the Kanthal coils that come with the tank. The taste is phenomenal and they give a very thick vapor quality. I will only be using these Stainless Steel coils with my Cleito from here on out. Also, I have not once had the air lock issue with these coils. If your having trouble with your Cleito tank go get a couple SS316L TC coils and give them a try. I'm extremely happy with them and I bet you will be to. Like I said though I'm not currently nor have I ever used them in TC mode so I have no clue on how well they work for that. However, Wattage mode with these coils make them the best ones for the Cleito tank in my opinion. Atleast so far anyways. Maybe another company will make some that are superior to these someday. Aspire may have just got something right with them.
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