Vote: What aspire product do you like best?

Here is a poll of your favorite aspire products! Come to take part in this poll and let us know your opinion.
Which aspire product do you like best?
  1. Which aspire product do you like best?14 votes
    1. Aspire PockeX AIO
    2. Aspire Quad-Flex 4-in-1 Kit
    3. Aspire EVO75 Kit
    4. Aspire NX75 Mod
    5. Aspire Atlantis EVO Tank
    6. Aspire Cleito120 Tank
    7. Aspire Nautilus X Tank
    8. Aspire K2/K3/K4 Quick start Kit
    9. Aspire Cleito Tank
    10. Aspire Plato all-in-one Kit
    11. Aspire Nautilus/Mini Tank
    12. Aspire Atlantis/2 Tank
    13. Aspire Triton 2 Tank
    14. Aspire CF Batteries
    15. Aspire Pegasus Mod
    16. Aspire Odyssey Mini Kit (Pegasus Mini Mod with Triton Mini tank)
    17. Aspire Proteus E-hookah
    18. Aspire 18650S
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  • I choose the Quad-Flex Tank because it's my favorite but all your products that I have are great. I have the Cleito and Plato All in One and all three items work like a dream. You make great products. Thank you.
    Kiki Chan
  • I wished that I could choose more than one product as it was almost a tie between the EVO 75 kit and the Cleito tank.
    Kiki Chan
  • Same here ... except as I have 6 Cleitos but only one Evo, I voted for the Cleito.
    Kiki Chan
  • Cegoca said:

    Same here ... except as I have 6 Cleitos but only one Evo, I voted for the Cleito.

    The EVO75 kit cause the mod is excellent!
    Kiki Chan
  • I actually went to my vape shot and they returned the xtra .2 coils I bought with it for the SS316L TC coils. I'm not using it in TC mode but in Wattage mode with my Pegasus and it hits GREAT and tastes absolutely amazing now. The coils burns great as low as 30-35 watts to so I can save battery power. So far I'm happy with these coils.

    I tried the other coils at anywhere from 10 to 70 Watts and it tasted good at first but the coil just started to taste burnt way to quickly. Both the Ka. .2 and .4's. Thanks for the suggestion tho man. I may have just had some bad coils
  • i love all aspire products :)
    Kiki Chan
  • i have had an Aspire Odyssey kit for a while now and i love this thing!! im a mouth to lung vaper, and i have never had a single issue with this mod (Pegasus Manual Edition) or this tank (Triton 2). i vape 70/30 juice on 1.8 coils and this is by far the most satisfying vape i have tried, keep up the great work Aspire!!
  • @snowedin2 Thank you very much for taking part in the poll and enjoying our products, if you have any suggestions on our products, please feel free to tell us!
  • @charlzrocks Lol. so finally which one you chose?
  • Lol, your enjoyment and satisfaction will be best return for us!
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    I love the looks and vapor production of you products. I first owned the Aspire Platinum kit and it just wasn't enough vapor to give me my "nice fix" than I got the CF Maxx and the battery ran out so quick I couldn't leave the house and rely on it without it dying. I'm now using the Pegasus V2 70 Watt with Cleito tank and I've had it for 3 days. Literally bought it Saturday. Using the .4 ohm tank that was pre-installed and not going over the recommended 60 watts my coil is already burnt and I don't even chain vape so now I'm having to change it already. At this rate I'm going to have spent less money on cigarettes. Not to mention I can't help but think that burnt cotton inhaled into my lungs is prolly just as bad as smoking cigarettes anyways. I LOVE Aspire products but the coils never seem to last. I myself ASPIRE to stop smoking but I can't do that if I can't rely on my MOD and Tank. Please Aspire fix your coil issues. I hate to have to shop around for a better tank because the Cleito has a lot of potential and so do you ASPIRE.

    However, if I had to choose I would have to go with my current setup. The Pegasus V2 with the Cleito tank. The first couple days I had it. It was absolutely AMAZING as it put out great vapor quality and taste was the best I have had until the burnt coil.
  • Try using that coil at 40-45 watts, it tastes just as good (to me) and the coils last way longer as well.
  • I absolutely LOVE the NX75 mod.
    I've reviewed most new products on the market and out of all single 18650 devices, the3 NX75 is the one I use DAILY.

    I NEED to get my hands on the Stainless Steel CNC version!!!!
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    Has to be for the Atlantis V2. having worked my way up from nautilus to the nautilus mini (4 of those ;) ) then the v2

    recently purchased an EVO X, now while they are fantastic for many reasons, one being the claptons and 0.4 ohms so i can have better battery life while providing the same quality vapour production and flavour.

    The Atlantis v2 slightly edges it for me.

    Here's why.

    The air flow on the evo x, not a fan because of the ring; it doesn't click into place so i am finding each time i put my mod down or in a pocket and take it back out the air flow ring has moved. it also whistles, which is annoying.

    with it being 0.4 it feels kinda cold doesn't feel like a good thick vape like my v2 does.
    i prefer a slightly warmer vape but that's a non issue just personal preference.

    the little rubber sleeve on the top cap is a tad annoying. tempted to just remove it completely.

    on the positive side - i have NEVER EVER had a single aspire product leak .... not once.
    fantastic production quality. possibly the best i've seen.

    the claptons..... they make it all worth while for me, being able to vape at lower wattage to preserve battery life is a real money saver for me.
    My V2 has 0.3 coils at 70watts and my efest 18650 3000mah last about 2 days during a working week ( i don't get to vape much at work, just at break times and lunch)
    i've yet to see the full length of battery usage with the evo x tank on with 0.4 claptons but still going strong. 3 days later ;)

    to me the v2 is a perfect tank.
    the evo x is a nice updated version that could do with some minor tweaks to the hardware but otherwise a great tank as usual from aspire.

  • @SilverRook What's a "Evo X" your are writing about ?
    I know the "Atlantis Evo" and the "Nautilus X" ... aren't you mixing it up ?
  • Cleito, Cleito 120 and Proteus. Those are my picks. I have the Odyssey Mini Kit and it is great for higher nicotine juices and running my Nautilus X on it and it is up in the air if I like it better than the Triton Mini. Not my daily driver so I can't really include it in my picks but I do like it.
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    @Cegoca the EVO "extended" tank "X" for extended ;)
    for intents and purposes yes an EVO tank, but the one i have is the extended version and sounds cooler ;)
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    Just bought the white Aspire NX75 AND love it. I have a vaporesso pro with a larger tank the Aspire V2 with c-cell coils so that mod and this Aspire NX75 are my two equals. But what is the little blue rubber piece for that goes over the top mouth piece on the nx75 and what's it for? Do I even need it? I thought maybe it helped with heat but it doesn't cover the mouth part so not sure what it is. I love my Vaporesso Pro with the Aspire tank and C-cell coils. The tank is larger than the stock one and a bit more rugged. It's my traveler as it's kinda big to pocket whereas the nx75 is perfect for pocketing. Nice and small and I currently have the original smaller stock tank on it to keep it that way. Fits nicely in any pocket without being bulky. Back to the blue cap thingy on nx75...what is it and what for please? Lol. Thanks.
  • I only use it to mark the difference between two exact same atos.
  • Clieto 120, Cleito, Proteus, Pegasus Mini, Nautilus X, Triton Mini.
  • atlantis mega with coils ( rba for mega - suxx )
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