Odyssey Mini Kit Coil Info?

Yesterday I purchased the Odyssey Mini Kit, which comes with 3 different coils. Unfortunately I am new to anything more than a basic pen vaporizer, and have no idea as far as the difference between these three coils and which is right for me. I know they are a 1.8Ω clapton coil, a 1.2Ω kanthal coil and a .8 Ω nickel temp controlled coil. But what does it all mean?!

I am glad to have the options, but am not sure what the options really mean. I calculate using Ohm's law at work regularly, but only to determine the load equipment is pulling vs available amperage on a 100/200/400 amp 3 phase power supply. So I have a decent understanding of heat generated via resistance, but how this applies to vaping, I am lost. Is it about battery life, the amount of vapor produced, how hot the vapor gets? And how does that apply to me? Sorry to sound stupid, I just want to understand my gear for the best possible experience. Any help is appreciated.
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  • @midnightwolf Thank you for your explanation.Very clear. ;;)
  • I suggest you to start looking at this kind of videos on youtube : "how do vaporizers work" because the subject is rather vast; and revert if you have specific questions.
    Unless anyone else here has the time, courage and the synthetic skills to give you a private abc course about vaping (or some copy/paste perhaps ?).

    But meanwhile, I suggest you to start vaping on your Odyssey kit with the 1.8 Clapton coil at 15 Watts. That will be a good start ! :)
    (don't forget to prime that coil first).

  • The 1.8 Ohm Clapton coil has more surface area and tends to give better flavor and more vapor production. The higher Ohm of the coil will give you a cooler vape depending on the Wattage you set to the mod. The 1.2 Ohm coil will be closer to what you are used to. It will be slightly warmer than the Clapton coil. The vapor production will be good. The nickel coil is for use in only temp control mode of the mod. If you run it in wattage or by-pass, you will encounter problems. When you use temp control, you will select the type of wire(Ni for this type of coil) and then select the temp you want the vape not to exceed. This is usually for more advanced users. DO NOT USE THIS COIL IF YOU HAVE A NICKEL SENSITIVITY. Had to stress that because it will cause adverse reactions if you do.
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