Clieto Coil 0.4 HELP

I just got the Clieto coil 0.4 but not sure on what mod setting I should use.

I have the Boxer Mini TC 80W Mod by Hugo Vapor, the power options I have is:

Appreciate your Help
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  • Power mode, between 40 and 60 Watts.
  • [-X Exactly what Cegoca said above. They are Rated 40-60 watts but I was using them at 30-35 and still had quality vapor. I even went up to 65 and still good vapor but don't expect the coil to last as long vaping above the recommended Wattage specs. If you want higher wattage use the .2 or you could always get the Stainless Steel "SS316L" .4 Cleito coils so that you can use the TC if you are interested in that. I prefer to stay away from Temp. Control. I personally like Wattage mode A.K.A. Power Mode. Just in case you didn't know the stock Cleito coils are Kanthal and are only to be used in power mode. SS (Stainless Steel), Ni (Nickel), and Ti (Titanium) can all be used for TC as long as the MOD supports that specific wiring. And I believe they can all also be run in power mode. (Wattage).
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