Plato leaking alot at air flow value

I changed to the .4 ohm coil that came with the plato. I checked to make sure I installed it properly. I watched the video "10 tips for plato". Now it is constantly leaking from the air flow valve. I see where there are a lot of posts concerning this problem with plato. I contacted the store I purchased from and they said they could not refund since it had been opened but I could ship to them and they would check it out and if leaks then will send another one. But sounds like it is just a problem with plato. Using Bypass on unit and e-liquid is 70PG/30VG. Would appreciate any advice/suggestions. So frustrating. Wasting soon much e-liquid. Messy on hands too when holding. Have not had out in hot car. only in house. last night sat it on paper towel and this morning paper was socked. Help please.
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  • My plato did the same thing. The I ring at the bottom wasn't right. I would get spit back and leaking. Once I changed coil it was perfect.
  • I also checked the security code on the unit at the aspire website. indicated unit was valid.
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    Why don't you put a picture of your Plato (cap removed of course) so we can eventually see what's wrong ?
    Is the coil screwed tightly enough ?
  • So ? Where are you now ?
  • Before buying the plato i had a joytech-egocc. no leak then a eleaf battery with an aspire tank .NO leak. the threads where the tank attached to the battery stripped.
    When I received the plato I used the 1.8ohm that came with the unit. got liquid in mouth and gurgling. changed the 1.8 coil to one I already had. problem stopped. then I decided to try the .4 ohm. leaking all the time. I've been very careful when filling. tried air flow open all way, tried air flow open just a little. same problem. contacted store where I bought from and they said to ship back to them and they would check it out.
    Contacted store directvapor in FL. They said to ship to them
    and if a problem would send me another one. I now feel this is just money wasted. I also bought 5 of the .4 ohm coils. I have seen alot of post about plato leaking. Aspire must know they have a serious problem. I had my husband help me with the insert of the .4 coil. He very mechanical - HVAC service tech major rep for 30 yrs. Just wanted you to know I didn't just put it in by myself first time. Also watched the video about screwing down till you didn't see the yellow o-ring when installing the .4ohm. Anyway guess i will pack up and send back to direct vapor in florida. Do you feel i should WASTE one of the .4 coils I purchased and
    replace it in the plato. The 1.8 that came with the plato was evidently defective so guess the .4 coil could be
    too! I will try and send a pic.
  • How do I see a picture?
  • coil is very tight. liquid all over cover. very messy to pick up. wipe off then when sit down leaks so bad all over bottom and then hands get it everywhere
  • Would you please explain how to send a pic. new apple computer. never sent pic before from it
  • Just use "attach a file" below in the box where you type.
    That will be the easiest (hoping your picture file is pc compatible).
    attach a file Capture.JPG
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  • Here's 3 pics.
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  • here's another pic
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  • Good !
    Can you put a picture with a frontal view of the filling holes ?
  • one last pic. hope these help. hope you can tell something. should be able to see fill holes which are both sitting up and down
    3264 x 2448 - 2M
  • perpendicular to each other
  • when using a sub ohm like .4 ohm what mixture of VG and PG should be used?
  • I use 30/70 PG/VG liquids (DIY).

    You should try to dismount the tank and it's yellow gaskets, clean them thoroughly.
    Meanwhile, put your Plato upside down, to be sure all liquid drops down from the base.
    Re-mount all parts (use eventually the spare yellow gaskets included in the kit.

    Also, I don't see the tiny yellow gasket that should be near the coils bottom (but perhaps the image angle does not allow it).

    tiny gasket.jpg
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  • The lower yellow gasket near the bottom of the coil is NOT suppose to be visible when using the .4 coil according to the viedo in the blog "10 Helpful Tips while using Aspire Plato All-in-One (AIO)
    POSTED ON APRIL 6, 2016 BY KIKI". Viedo stated it should be visible if using the 1.8 coil.
    I also researched VG/PG - when to use what amount. (which I should have months ago!) I had ordered e-liquid from directvapor for the .4 ohm coil. They sent me 70PG 30VG which from what I have read that mixture is not recommended for .4 ohms. Fortunately I ordered FULL VG from DFWVapor just to try in my mini stick and nautilus. Anyway, I drained the tank of the 70PG 30VG and filled it with the FULL VG. But unfortunately it is still leaking. Next I will remove the .4 that came with the unit and replace with one I bought. Unfortunately from the same place when I purchased the PLATO.
    Gosh I really appreciate your help and your time!
    Would you mind telling me what e-cig unit you use? battery and tank or all in one?
    Looks like I will end up buying another unit of some kind!
    I will let you know status once I change .4 coil.
  • From your pic of your PLATO it looks like you are using the 1.8 coil??
  • TNgirl said:

    From your pic of your PLATO it looks like you are using the 1.8 coil??

    Look at the wattage rating on the coil ;)
  • TNgirl said:

    Would you mind telling me what e-cig unit you use? battery and tank or all in one?

    A quick picture then ...

    Mostly Cleito's with fatty tanks but also Plato's (with 0.4 Ohms coils !) and the new Quad-flex.
    Still await a double cell box from Aspire ...

  • snowedin2 said:

    My plato did the same thing. The I ring at the bottom wasn't right. I would get spit back and leaking. Once I changed coil it was perfect.

    Good information to know, thanks for sharing that!
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