Pegasus mod display low battery

My pegasus mod show low battery with a fully charged espire battery.
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  • Have you tried with another cell ?
  • I agree with Cegoca's post above. You should try another cell and make sure there isn't something wrong with the MOD's internals. I recommend your making sure you are only buying Batteries made by "The Big Three". That being Samsung Chem, LG Chem, and Sony Chem. I'm sure these names sound familiar to you as you have heard of their electronics. These are separate divisions that focus on Chemistry based products. Batteries are very expensive to research and produce. Most of the battlers you are purchasing that are "made" by another company other than these 3 are just batteries that didn't pass "The Big Three's" test specifications and are usually "B Bin" and "C Bin" batteries that are sold to these other companies who just rewrap the batteries in their own sleeve and resale them as "high quality, high spec" batteries. Do some research on it. There are a few guys who actually test these batteries and have statistical analysis to prove their findings. These are just a few of the reasons I ONLY buy batteries from the big 3. That and i prefer to use a safe and trusted company when it come to batteries. Companies that sale batteries that are usually rewraps are Efest and Brillipower to name a few and the Aspire batteries are most likely rewraps as well. They put inflated specs on the side of the battery to sale them. For example: A specific "Brillipower" battery states on the cell "3.7V 3100MAH 40A". It's hard to actually manufacture a battery that is 3100 MAH at 40A. Chances are you may have gotten a bad cell from one of these re wrappers. I would try returning it if you haven't owned it very long. I can't help but think that Aspire does the exact same thing with its batteries. Go with the Trusted tried and true Big 3. And again do some online research about this and you will see many people taking about it. That's where I have learned about this information myself. I'm no professional. I'm just trying to educate myself for safety purposes as batteries and coils have exploded in people's faces. (I'm sure we have all heard these horror stories).

    Sorry for the long post I just figured I would share some info I have learned so that you and maybe others can educate themselves on battery usage for safety purposes.
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