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Review from Married2themod

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  • Nice review. Just makes me want to have mine in shipping status.
  • Review from Vapor Trail Channel

  • I wish Married to the Mod had shown filling the tank. Vapor trail Channel did a much better job on that portion of the review. Both reviews are pretty darn good though!
  • Will be getting it in the mail today. DHL got lazy and forwarded it to the USPS and that can cause problems picking up packages sometimes(limited hours). Will give my thoughts on it later tonight.
  • Review from Vapin' Heathen for Cleito120

  • Review from Vaping With Vic

  • Review from The Vaping Postman

  • I've been using the cleito tank since aspire first started selling them. I still love this tank. I an now using the cool fire IV mod with it and the RTA for the cleito. I also have my other cleito tank hooked up On my. Itazte MVP 3.0 mod with just the cleito coils. Both have their pros and cons. The regular coil draws easier n i like that but they seem to get the burnt taste after 6-7 days. The RTA seems to pull harder but don't get the burnt taste for almost 2-2 1/2 weeks. I just found the frosted fat boy 5 'll replacement glasses for the tanks n ordered them. Anyway the whole point I'm trying to make its I love the cleito tanks n hope they can do something to solve the leaking of Both the coils n the RTA system. It's not bad enough to make me use a different tank but it is aggravating. Thank you for listening to my review.
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    @RoniLeigh1970 Where did you find a "frosted fat boy" replacement glas for the Cleito ? ? ?
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    Review from The Lung Brewery

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