Bad Coils

Yo, is there an address or customer service number I can hit up to discuss some coils I got that were bad straight out the package?
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  • Just start at the store where you bought them.
    Where was it ?
  • I bought them online.
  • Yes, but where exactly ?
    There are plenty of fakes on the internet, that might be your problem.
  • Like @Cegoca said....lost of fakes out there....did you check the sratch off code against the Aspire website? Check this thread for instructions on how to check:
  • Bought an authentic Aspire "Nautilus" Tank with 2 coils both gave me dry hits after doing the required priming. I bought my box set on line Amazon and my be old stock as I did hear other stories on line of other people having the same issues. Apparently Aspire have sorted the problem out. I decided to give another coil ago so bought one from my local established vap shop called Flavor Vapor. The same thing again. Dry hit after Dry hit! I used my Nautilus on my Cool fire TC 100 battery with Kanthol coil between the suggested wattage. I don't know what else to do other than give up on the Nautilus tank. It is also too tall. I did think I was purchasing the mini but it the large one that is not good for carrying around either. It is disappointing as it did cost me enough dosh. Any hints or comments would be appreciated.

  • 1.8 lasts one day. 0.4 2 hours and you get res on the screen and it does nothing. Think ill run to the lake and make a deposit then go back to Segeli.
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