Plato Leaking

I’ve had my Plato for about a month now and after a few teething problems were ironed out I was really happy with it.

My problems started after I replaced the coil. Now I can’t get it to stop leaking out of the bottom air holes.

I replaced the coil with the Triton Mini Clapton 1.8ohm coils as suggested on the site, and read as much as I could getting tips on any gotchas. I replaced the coil in my girlfriends Plato at the same time using the same technique and it’s been fine.

I’m using standard Electro Mist liquid which I think is 50/50 but I’ve struggled to get any flavours I like in any other ratio to test. I’ve tried the air holes fully open, half open and almost closed and I vape at around 4.5v to 5v.

I’ve got to the point now that I can’t take it out of the house for fear of it leaking in my pocket.

Can anyone suggest anything that may stop the leaking?
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  • This forum will get more and more difficult to read if the many opened threads about the same subjects are not beeing regrouped ...
  • @karussell

    Make sure that you follow the instructions to placing the arrestor on the coil in your Plato. If done incorrectly it can leak. You can download it here:
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    Hi charlzrocks,

    I followed the instructions on this video is this not the correct way to do it?

  • I am having leaking issues as well. After following everything out there step by step, I still have leaking from the airflow. So far I am highly unimpressed with Aspire. I spend money on their product, it has issues, I spend money on juice and it is wasted due to these issues, and after all of this frustration, Aspire wants us to pay a ridiculous shipping cost in order to use our warranty. Does Aspire not visit their own forums? This is clearly a big issue with one of their products.

    I will gladly pay the $10 shipping if Aspire will pay to have my driver seat in my new car cleaned due to their bunk product.
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