How to clean the coils of the Proteus

Is there any way to clean the coils of the Proteus, or to replace the cotton therein?
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  • @Tina

    Is it possible to get an RBA for the Proteus?
  • @charlzrocks With the room it has, it seems like a rebuildable head would work great. The issue is the design of the device and the coils itself. The coils have to be the 0.25 Ohm or close to it with a margin of error for them to work. Also, you have to have the airflow coming from the top going down with the wicking being the right material density to with from the sides and stay saturated. This basically leaves you with the only option to use a wide vertical coil and from the Triton RTA Kit we all know how that worked.
  • I'd like to second the RBA option for the proteus. Most users who use RBA's are capable enough to build to the correct resistance and wicking the tank requires. I just got one of these the other day and the coil lasted 4 days of fairly heavy use before the cotton tasted burnt. I usually change my vapes cotton and coils once a week, and I'm running way more juice at 130W, so 4 days of usability is pretty sad for a coil.

    To put it in perspective, I would need to buy 91 coils per year to use the Proteus. At $5 a piece, that's $456 a year in disposable coils. I spend maybe $30 a year on wire and cotton for all of my other devices combined. I'm afraid this device has become a paper weight after 4 days of use due to this, and I'm sure this is the main reason why e-hookah heads are not taking off.
  • hello,I am sorry that the coils of the Proteus are not rebuildable
  • you keep saying that yet you give no indication that you care or would even try to do anything about it.. how about forwarding our requests along to someone who can actually make this happen? This is my first time using an Aspire product and I'm really put off by them because of this.
  • @Tina

    Would you like to address this?
  • @banjahman thank you for the kind suggestion.
    I will pass your kind suggestion to our products development department.
    Thank you again.
    Any kind suggestion welcome.
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