Aspire K-4 leaking

I recently purchased 2 of the Aspire K-4 model capes and they are both leaking around the vent holes and down into the batteries. We have tried several coil changes and they both still leak. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?
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  • The K4 kit uses the Cleito tank that never leaked with me ... (well except a little with the RTA, buts that's probably my fault :)) ) did you screw the coil tight enough to the base ?
    Where did you buy the coils (0.27 Ohm I suppose) and have you checked their authenticity ?
    Also what kind of liquid (PG/VG ratio) do you use ?
  • I did make sure it was screwed in tightly and it still leaked. I bought it at HWY 40 Vape and I am using Chubby Bubbles fluid in it.
  • Are you using the 0.27 Ohm coils ?
    Have you tried with another coil ?
    What is the PG/VG ratio of your liquid ?

  • Just bought mine on Fri. Found it leaking after filling and leaving for 3 hours. Cleaned it and retightened all parts and refilled with 80vg/20pg 0 nic. Waiting to see if it leaks...
  • Actually found it doesn't leak when put on its side....
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