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I've had my nautilus x for about a week now. It was purchased from an official aspire dealer. I used it on a new eleaf pico. The first 2 coils that came with the tank were a disaster and burnt out within 2 days and the tank was getting quite hot. Wattage was set at 15 and 1/2 open air hole. The first coil was used with 50/50 juice and the second with 70/30 juice. I was not a happy bunny so took the tank to local vape shop who assured me they have sold lots of these yanks with no issues. I purchased a new box of genuine aspire 1.5 ohm coils and tried again but guess what..... same problem. I gave up on it and threw it in the bin! Rubbish product, £38 quid down the drain.

I may be gullible or stupid, or both, but I've Just ordered a new Triton mini tank and hopefully the Clapton coils will prove more successful.

Wish me luck!
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  • I prefer the Clapton coils in the Triton mini over the Utech coils in the Nautilus X. Nautilus X coils are too warm. I think that you will love the Triton Mini tank and claptons. Let us know how it goes!
  • I guess i felt guilty about leaving something (nautilus x tank) i'd just spent my hard earned cash on in the bin especially after double checking all the good reviews again so I decided dig it back out before the bin men come.

    I took a trip back to my local vape shop last night and pased the problem on to them. They kindly swapped out my last new unopened coil for a new stock coil (not the latest version as still rated at 14 - 22 watts and not the latest 14 - 20 watts), cleaned the tank out, installed the new stock coil, filled it with Colonel Boom's Bang Bang HeartShot 60vg/40pg juice and primed it for me. He told me to keep the wattage down at 14 and build it up slowly as the coil beds in.

    Following his instructions immediately noticed a difference with flavour and vape but still not convinced it wasn't going to burn the coil.

    I've slowly built up the watts to 18.5 and no coil burn! HOWEVER, when juice got down to 1/3 tank i refilled it and left it for 1/2 hour to prime as i have noticed on refill that when the top is unscrewed to allow access to refill, the vacuum in the tank forces air back into and through the coil into the tank and air bubbles come out of the coil juice holes. After a couple of dry pulls, to re prime the coil without pushing the fire button, I dropped the watts to 15 and fired her up.

    Fired her up was no exaggeration as it burnt out the coil again. Now i am really 'loosing the will to live' with the new, all singing and dancing amazing Nautilus X.

    Guess where it is now?

    I've given this tank/coil arrangement more than enough chances and time to impress, but is does not live up to the hype.

    You could probably get it to work OK by being extremely cautious, constantly changing the wattage, waiting forever to re-prime after refilling and watching the wick like a hawk after every draw. But, with it apparently being the pinnacle of latest technology tanks, this is not how it should perform. It's a right pain in the butt!

    Aspire should really reimburse me.

    Triton mini should be arriving today or tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
  • Triton mini arrived. Primed it and fired it up with the pre installed Clapton 1.8 ohm coil.

    After slogging a tank of juice - Wow! Lots more vapour and flavour than the Nautilus x.

    Filling system is genius. Swivel the top section to the drip setting, which closes off the juice feed holes in the bottom of the tank and opens up the juice fill top holes at the top, squirt the juice in and swivel the top section back to vape setting which closes the top juice fill holes and and bottom juice feed holes to the coil. This prevents a tank vacuum which pulls air backwards through the coil and into the tank which then needs to be left for a while to re prime so you don't burn the coil out (this vacuum problem happens with the Nautilus x).

    The Triton mini Clapton coil provides more flavour and vapour than the Nautilus x U coil, with a similar smoothness and is slightly cooler (well, not as warm anyway - just as advised by charlzrocks advised above).

    The Triton mini is very slightly narrower than the Nautilus x and about 10mm taller but looks just as cool.

    Battery life is better with the Triton mini and 1.8 ohm coil, as you are running it at lower wattage.

    Juice consumption is very slightly higher with the Triton set up. This is obviously a trade off because there is more vapour and more flavour, but well worth it.

    Because of the above, in my opinion, the Triton mini is a superior tank to the Nautilus x.

    Build quality is identical in both tanks.

    I will probably continue to battle with the Nautilus X as it is a little more discrete and a little easier to hide in your pocket when out and about.

    10 out of 10 for the Triton mini.

  • Not so sure about the "Tank Vacuum" as you describe it. All my tanks bubble from the coils, they have too to release the vacuum created by vaping with the tank sealed (not open for filling), with stock coils on the Cleito I would periodically open the top, bubble bubble, good to vape without dry hits.
    I vape at 14w only with my "X" and have been using the same coil since I got it (a month ago), but I don't use it that often, as it's my stealth rig.
    In my experience most "burning" of the coil comes from chain-vaping, and not allowing the coil enough time to "wick-up" more juice.
    Good luck.
  • I've had exactly the same experience. TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED!

    The tank is a great design, but the coils are simply broken.

    I was quite satisfied with the vape and taste, but getting less than 7 days out of a coil is just not on.
    I've stuck with Aspire up till this point, but I'm looking for another brand because swapping coils so often is not fun.

    I'll keep the tank, if a new improved coil gets released I'll give it another go, but I just don't have the words to describe how disappointed I am with lack of life in the coils for this tank.

    I'll have to switch back Atlantis Mega which does a great job of DTL, but I purchased the X so I could move to a MTL style so I could be more discrete.

    Aspire, you have failed with the coils for the X.
  • 7 days or 30 days ... that does not mean very much, how about your ml consumption ?
    And the kind of liquid (pg/vg ratio) you use ?
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