My new Plato

Hello all,

I'm new to vaping and new to the Plato. I've updated the firmware and I've got it on charge. Looks like a great bit of kit.

One question, can I use my iPad 2.1 amp charger?
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  • @karussell I am sorry that you can't
    the plato doesn't support 2A fast charging
  • Will it cause any issues with the battery or just charge it slower?
  • @karussell it may damage the battery,so please charge the battery with suggested charger
  • I've been having a few issues with my Plato.

    For 10 minutes after I top up with liquid I get a gurgling sound. I've made sure I follow the instructions on how to fill the tank but I still get it. I also sometimes get a mouthful of liquid and when I remove the mouth tube I can see a build up of liquid in it. I've had small leaks around the air holes and inside the case, nothing major but not something I've had with my K1.

    I went to my local vape shop and they said I needed to use 80vg liquid as this could be causing these issues. Is this correct?

    I'm using the Clapton 1.8 ohm mouth to lung coil if this makes any difference?
  • @karussell

    I get the same slight flooding issue when I refill mine as well. I think it is because after you fill it and push in the orange plug, the pressure forces more juice than needed into the coil. I just use a nice soft pipe cleaner inserting it down into the coil from the drip tip end a few times to soak up the excess juice and then it's fine. Give that a try!
  • I'll give that a go thanks charlzrocks.
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