Hey noob here who has no clue, help?

Hey, I know pretty much nothing about ecigs, i currently have a aspire Pegasus mini (the battery i have in the mod is a aspire 2500mAh) and a aspire triton mini which i got in the odyssey kit and i want to get some thing that does sub ohms like the Cletio but i dont know if my battery could do that? any help
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  • The Pegasus mini has a maximum power output of 50W. That's a little low for the Cleito. I recommend a two-cell VW and TC capable MOD that will put out at least 75W. That will pretty much let you vape all day long. The Pegasus V2 will drive the Cleito, but you'll need to carry a spare battery.
  • I use 3 of my Cleitos each on a Pegasus mini, at 40 Watts (the normal 0.4 Ohms coils), with those battery cells, without any problem.
    But you will need to carry some spare batteries should you go out with this setup.
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