Nautilus X Text Review

Aspire Nautilus X

It came in a huge cardboard box!

I know this tank has been out for a while, but I wanted to give it a fair shake of the tree. I don't really MTL, I prefer the taste and feel of DTL, it's less like smoking, and I'm happy with that.
That being said this is a very good little tank. I think it vapes great. It doesn't have as much flavour as my other tanks, which are, for the most part dual coil RTA's, but it is good. I use this almost exclusively at my mother-in-laws house, and public areas.
It's great as a little stealth tank, I get a nic hit, and that's what I want.

Very easy top-fill. Think Cleito if you have one.

It fills easy, doesn't leak, as I still haven't needed to change the coil, but this is likely because I don't use it that much/often. In this image you can see the off centre hole, this is where the vapour leaves the coil, just out of view, opposite this hole, but on the side of the coil is the airflow in. The air passes the coil twice, supposedly taking on more flavour and vapour by doing so, I don't really know about this, for me it vapes the same as a Nautilus mini (my wifes), albeit with a looser draw. Big juice holes on the coil mean you can use high VG liquid, but again, my wife uses my ejuice (normally 80/20 vg/pg 3mg nic) in her nautilus mini with no problems.
I do think that whilst the design is clever, and meets the tpd (to some extent),its a bit unnecessary. The top airflow is good, but the control is naff, awkward to change and see where its set.
The drip-tip is another bone of contention. Me and the wife both think it's uncomfortable, and the "X" isn't 510 compatible.

In the little stylish box is a spare glass, and another coil.

The coils included (1 pre-fitted) are both 1.5ohm, and I vape it at 14w, it's fine at that, no need to push it and try for a tight lung hit, like other reviews I've seen, that's not the point of this tank. If you go much higher, and hit it often (like I did in the toilets at the cinema), it'll get hot on you quick. And there's not much warning as the coil is close to the tip, and your lips.

The "X" Sat on my Socialites Tornado

To sum it up, if you have a good MTL tank all ready, then you don't need this. If you are buying for a first timer, or your new to vaping yourself, then this is a great little tank worth getting.
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