Counterfeit atomizers, but scratch code works?


I recently bought a 5 pack of 0.5ohm Triton Clapton coils from Amazon (seller "High Cat") and they appear to be counterfeit. The font on the box is wrong, there are a few minor spelling mistakes, etc. I am very detail oriented, and I noticed right away that something looked wrong.

I opened the box to find: the coils have very poor build quality, not what I am used to expecting, and the coils inside are not even clapton wrapped. They look like regular nichrome or stainless.

The problem to me is that the website said that the "Scratch Code" was VALID. I was very surprised to find this out, and wanted to alert you about the problem. I have already requested a refund from Amazon and will make sure I buy from a seller that I have received legitimate coils from before.

See pictures:

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  • hello Chris
    I am sorry that your bought the fake aspire products.
    What's more,thank you for sharing this information with us.
  • I recently purchased a Platinum kit from "skeymall" on eBay prior to learning how many fakes
    were out there. In the kit I found a brown scabbard not black like every other picture I have seen? Is this possible? I also purchased an Atlantis Mega plus spare atomizers. I noticed all of the atomizers look like the above (wire sticking out and poor holes etc.). My biggest concern is that all of them had valid codes. Needless to say I am buying strictly from Aspire now but would not want anyone else to get taken if indeed these are fake.
    Thank you for your time.
  • @Mit_Z please attach some pictures to show the difference,which will help us to confirm for you.
  • Not sure if I've run into the same problem. My coils look fine, and the security code worked, but this is the first I had bought of the 0.5 atlantis coils (used to get strictly the 0.3), and after less than a day, the frayed cotton is burnt around the coil. I'm only running at 23.7w, and using the same juice I used for the 0.3 at 70w. Is it just a faulty coil cartridge, or should I be concerned about counterfeiting?
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