Aspire new evolutionary system coming soon

2480 x 3508 - 933K
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  • Interesting that you have "EVO" highlighted in the word "EVOLUTIONARY". I can't wait to hear more about it!
  • Hmm, as long as EVO doesn't mean Extra Virgin Olive oil... Hahaha
    But seriously, that drawing looks like a Cleito on a box mod. Maybe we will see something new in box mods? :)
  • Ooooooo....this looks soooo interesting!! :-?
  • Nouveau Cleito mini. Nouvelle résistance type U-tech sub-ohm. Top Airflow intégré dans le drip tip. Avec réglage par simple rotation Du drip tip. 3ml capacité de liquide. Nouvelle box format mini 26650 et compatibilité 18650. Ce serai extra.
  • New mini Cleito. New resistance-type U-tech sub-ohm. Top integrated Airflow in the drip tip. With adjustment by simply rotating From drip tip. 3ml liquid capacity. New mini size box 26650 and 18650. This compatibility will be extra
  • Hmmmm? EVO Nautilus X, 4ml volume (without extra parts) and changeable drip tip ?
    And tiny mod with built-in 1500 mAh battery???
    Sorry my bad english :(
  • I'm loving the Cleito :) bring more quality products !
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