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I'm hoping someone can help me please.

I've had the Aspire Plate for around a month now. I woke up this morning and noticed it had started leaking out of the bottom. I've had no cause to change anything and all I've done in the past is just fill it up.

What has caused this? How do I stop it from happening again?

Any advice would be gratefully received. I bought this unit as I didn't think they could leak!

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  • here are 10 Helpful Tips while using Aspire Plato All-in-One (AIO)
    If you don't use the plato a whole night,please close the bottom airflow hole
  • @PedroPete

    Please make sure that you do not leave your Plato unit in a "Hot" environment, like leaving it in your car when it's hot out. A co-worker complained that his new tank was leaking "all of a sudden" and I asked him when this happened....he said when he came out to his car after work, all the juice had leaked out in the car. Now, granted, that is an extreme case as here in Mississippi it has been in the mid to upper 90's and I am surprised his battery didn't blow up as well. The inside of a hot car can reach over 150 degrees easily! So, never put your Plato in an area where the tank can expand so much due to heat. This will nearly always cause some leakage.
  • Thank you Tina, think I've solved it now.

    Charlzrocks - it was in our kitchen over night. I'd never leave in car, but good advice
  • May be I haven't fixed it. I've had cover over air valve when in use all day, not put any more liquid in since last night and tonight it's still leaking.

    Last night I stripped down and cleaned, put new seals on and did exactly as per instructions.

    Any further thoughts please?
  • What coil (chimney) are you using ?
  • The one that came inside it from the beginning
  • @PedroPete

    Make sure that you follow the directions closely when attaching the "Arrestor" to the coil. If it's not secured correctly, it can cause leakage.
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