I use the .4 ohm 40w coils, and I absolutley love my top loading, great air flow Cleito tank. What I don't love is the simple fact I am kissing a dragon!! It shoots hot juice in my mouth, even Jenna Jameson would be proud! All kidding aside, what in the heck do I do? The first coil didn't do it until a week later, so I replaced it. This one is doing it IMMEDIATELY!! Do I need to take it apart and check it?
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  • I just use a longer drip tip.....other folks have said that the coils that come stock with the Cleito will spit and the replacements won't. I have yet to replace my coils so I can't be sure about that.
  • Yeah for some reason the coil that comes in it isn't as good, also too low of a wattage for the coil will cause it to spit bad.
  • Most spitting is caused by the coil being flooded. The juice pops in contact with the hot coil, but because it is saturated it "spits", like a frying pan. What juice ratio pg/vg are you using? Try blowing through for a brief second before inhaling.
  • @Niall

    I must disagree about your "flooding" theory. When the Triton was introduced, the Stainless Steel coils that came with it spit like crazy no matter what you did to the tank. That is an inherant property of SS due to it's quick ramp up time. Also, for Kanthal wire coils, it is the coil design and the low amount of cotton that cause spitting. So it's more a matter of cotton saturation than flooding. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :-B
  • had this problem. Shame because I love the cleito exo when it works. Saw a video. Just get some tissue round the air vents at the top and turn it upside down. Liquid will come out of the holes. When it's all out, you're good as new.
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