Aspire Cleito !

Just bought one , yes i know it's been out for a while , i love the Triton v2 , so i decided to go ahead and get another aspire product since every Aspire tank that i have owned gave me 0 problems .

I love the tank , it is different from the Triton , The Triton is still the best looking tank aspire has made but the Flavor off this Cleito beats my Other sub ohm and RDTA tanks that i use .

Make sure you Prime your coil ! yes i know many do it but you need to soak that cotton , prime it with few drops on the outer slits where the cotton is visible , and 4-5 drops inside fill it then let it sit for 5-10 mins . Any coil you buy needs to be broken into , so the flavor off the first few hits might be mute this is normal but as the cotton gets heated the Coil will get better by each use . I'm using 70 VG 30 PG Juice .

Tons of air flow , i had to close mine to half , which i haven't done on any tank that i own ! Aspire truly makes exceptional Sub ohm tanks !
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