Question about a possible RBA for the Plato....

Can someone tell me if the VVTF Nautilus RBA will work in the Plato? It's here... Aspire making an RBA for the Plato?
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  • @Amember I think it is not compatible
    I have passed this suggestion to our products development department.
    They are working for the possibility of an RBA for the Plato

  • I will come back to this page to ask if Aspire has made a decision about whether they will or won't make us an RBA for the Plato. Thank you,
  • It is bewildering why any mod company would put out a new mod which uses replaceable coils without an RBA option! You are limiting the potential market by a huge amount when you do so, to what, save a few bucks during the design phase? Really? Personally, I really liked everything about the Plato, so much so I probably would have bought every color - if only it had an RBA available. NO RBA, NO SALE! Utterly maddening...
  • @crzydmnd Thank you for your suggestion.

    Have a nice day!
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