(Discussion)Can electronic cigarette help smokers quit smoking?

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Let's have a debate competition :Can electronic cigarette help smokers quit smoking?
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How do you think about electronic cigarette?
Can electronic cigarette help smoker quit smoking?
what kind of electronic cigarette can help smokers quit smoking?
Can electronic cigarette help smokers quit smoking?
  1. Can electronic cigarette help smokers quit smoking?7 votes
    1. Yes,it can help smokers quit smoking
    2. No,It can not help smokers quit smoking
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  • Yes. Me, my wife, my brother-in-law, and both my parents have switched to vaping since February. My wife and i are on 3mg nic juice, her MTL, me DTL. My bro-in-law on 6mg DTL, and my parents on 0mg, MTL!
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    I quit smoking 2 years ago, starting using material like ET-S and CE5, followed by Nautilus, Atlantis and Triton.
    But not 100% certain I would have continued quitting without some new material like the Cleito or the Plato ... :-/
    (that's just my case anyway).
  • Absolutely, I smoked for 30 years and my wife still smokes. Four years ago I started with eGo tanks and cartos, but was not really happy until I tried a Nautilus. That is the tank that made it easy for me to vape and never look back. My smoking history makes me tend to prefer MTL vaping, and Aspire is the only company out there that makes quality MTL tanks.
  • Yes absolutely agree the Nautilus X has been the only thing I've tried that has ended a 34 year 40a day habit patches failed gum failed mouth spray failed anti smoking tablets from doctor almost had a heart attack failed
    Thank you aspire this product has saved my life quite literally
  • #QuitNow! Since Apr 23, 2016:
    64 days smoke free,
    1,620 down,
    $907 and 6d, 17:57 saved!
  • @ShishkaBerry I am happy to hear that.
    Congratulations to you.

  • hi

    am a noob to vaping ..2 months....was a 38 year smoker....day 2 of vaping no more cigs..been 7 weeks on vap between 3-6mg nic

    all my gear is aspire ...and not looking elsewhere :)
  • Let's fight to vape
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