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I just bought a Cleito tank 6 days ago. It was by far my favorite tank and coil for the first 4.5 days. Incredible flavor and vapor production. Then All of a sudden yesterday, the hits were becoming dry and almost flavorless. I've been doing lots of reading on reddit, and believe I'm experiencing the same problem as many other Cleito users. The problem is an airlock that occurs inside the tank and, it becomes worse with every draw. As the e-liquid is vaped, the open space above the e-liquid becomes a vacuum and does not allow the e-liquid to wick into the coil. You can visually identify this with a simple check. Unscrew the top cap a little and watch the coil. Once the vacuum is released you will see air bubbles streaming out of the cotton on the coil. I have not been able to find a solution to this issue other than relieving the pressure by opening the top cap enough to break the airlock and LEAVING IT OPEN. This is incredibly frustrating. Some people have said that after the replace the coil, everything is fine. Others have said they still have the same problem.

I'm not looking for a refund, I'm looking for a solution. Aspire is hopefully aware of this problem and working on a solution. If a permanent fix is not presented, this will be the last Aspire product that I purchase. I have used other products from them in the past WITH AND WITHOUT flaws. They owe it to their clients to fix/replace/refund the product for anyone experiencing this problem.
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  • Not those problems with all my Cleitos here, perhaps someone should redesign some users ... :P
  • I have found the same problem. I am going through coils like crazy thinking the problem was with me the user. There really is a design problem.
  • I too have this same problem with the tank. Works well for a few hits and then you have to unscrew the cap and watch the bubbles form. Tina, we are aware that it is a sub-ohm tank and we know how they work. This one works but not that well. There are many sub ohm tanks on the market and out of the few I have owned, this is the only one to have this kind of issue. It does not matter how long it sits untouched, the coil will not resume wicking until the top cop is screwed off. This is not a matter of user error/ignorance, it is a design matter. I've seen people really enjoy the cleito and I always wonder "why does mine not work like theirs?" Aspire, you have got to go back to the drawing board with this one. And I do not mean that you should make a different version. You need to fix this common problem. I have basically wasted 40 dollars on the tank and coils and different juices to test. I know I am not alone as I urge you to take this problem more seriously and change the coils around to where they will wick before another company steps in and does it before you!
  • I have used the Cleito since it was released and never had an issue with an airlock causing a vacuum. I fill it up to the upper o-ring and forget it. I even vape most of the time with the airflow wide open. You do need to adjust the air flow and give it a few primer puffs now and then without firing on certain juices I have used. I have even chain vaped with no issue. I have used the original and 5ml glass and rta with no problems. The biggest problem I have had has been user error. Not going to say that you don't have an issue with the tank, but even on recent coils I haven't seen or heard of any.
  • This is not user error. My Cleito was fine for months. I was getting two to three weeks of use out of a single coil and then the same problem happened to me. I was lucky if I got two days out of a coil before I started getting dry hits. My guess on the matter is that the problem lies in the top gasket of the tank. The constant heating and cooling of the gasket is wearing it out so that it can't produce vacuum relief, which is why unscrewing the cap is the only solution as yet. I've looked for replacement gaskets and have not yet found any.
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    i am sorry to hear that.
    We do hundreds of testing every day,we don't meet this kind of problem.
    The coils are the consumables, the use frequency, battery wattage, the PG:VG proportion of e-liquid,how long a puff last? all can impact the coils' life.
    what's more,if a clear liquid but if it has a high sugar/sweetener content it will gunk up and carmalize on the coil really fast,which will also short the coil's life.
    This is subohm tank,it soaks much e-juice than MTL tanks.the vapor production is cloud lt need takes time for the coil to soak e-juice,so after 3-4 puffs,we suggest let the tank stand for a while to let the coil soak enough e-juice ,especially for high vg and thick e-juice.

  • I'm having issues when I replace coils. When they're working, I love it, but each new coil seems to have no flavor to it when I first install it and I can't fix the flavor issue. The wick is primed and soaked, I would close the airflow and dry pull to lift the juice into the wick, but I still get this dry, flavorless hit when I puff. I'm not sure what's causing it. Can anyone help?
  • @wrathandhavoc You are everywhere ! ;)
    Here too ... It needs a few puffs to run it in ...
  • For everyone still experiencing the vacuum lock problem, the short term fix is to not fill your tank above the holes in the coil. This is annoying because I find myself refilling at least once per vape session. But, at least there aren't any more dry hits and I don't have to leave the top cap unscrewed.

    I doubt aspire is going redesign these coils to permanently solve the problem. So we're going to have to live with annoying inconveniences if we keep using the Cleito.

    I'm thinking about getting a TFV8 :)
  • I've been vaping for years and I absolutely love my Cleito. I had the same problem. It takes about a full tank to break a new coil in but I can live with that. The first tank just tastes a little weird. After about a week it starts vacuum locking and I have thrown away many expensive coils because I thought they were were burnt even though the cotton was still white. A few months ago I realized by unscrewing the lid and releasing the bubbles I could get another couple out of a coil but its a pain to unscrew the lid after every 3 or 4 puffs. A few days ago I took a "burnt" coil that I kept a I drilled a tiny hole at the top. I put it back in my tank and it has been awesome ever since. No more vacuum and no more dry hits.

    It sucks to think about the dozens of expensive coils I unnecessarily threw away after only one week but now I know that it's just a design flaw and drilling one tiny hole just below the top threads fixes it.
  • I have never had any airlock problems with either of my Cleito tanks. Are you sure they aren't fakes?
  • Yea, I'm definitely sure it is authentic. Unfortunately I have an update. I went to bed last night with a full tank and woke up this morning with my vape sitting in a puddle. Now I have the opposite of a vacuum lock, it won't hold juice at all.

    A simple spring style release valve on the lid right beside the drip tip would solve the whole problem.
  • I've been having this issue too. It's literally infuriating, because the cleito was the best tank i ever had. It worked perfectly for the first few months, and my coils would last 2 weeks some times. Bought a new cleito thinking the tank wad knackered, but the same issue happened right away. Sometimes i dont even get a full day out of a coil before it happens. I cant find no real solution anywhere, only annoying work arounds like unscrewing the cap all the time. I've been vaping for a year and a half, and have only ever had aspire tanks. Nautilus and mini, triton 2, atlantis 2, and 2 cleitos. Plus all the coils that i've went through in that time. It's a lot of money, and Tina's comment has made up my mind, it's money i'll be spending elsewhere. As of tomorrow i'll be going to the vape shop to buy a new tank, and I wont be going back to Aspire until they sort out their products, and more importantly, their customer service
  • Have you checked if the 3 o-rings on the coil and the 2 gaskets on the tank are correctly placed ?
  • I'm having this issue as well. Just bought my aspire tank last week. Never had this issue on the Atlantis V2. It's a shame, because the flavor and vape is so much better on the Cleito when it is wicking properly.
  • Registered just to say I'm having this same issue. 2 .4 coils in a row are "burnt" instantly even after about 20 minutes of time to let my liquids soak.

    The Cleito was such an awesome tank when I first got it. Now, I'm just wasting money.

    I'm a little late to the party here but has this issue been addressed or is it being swept under the rug? This is not user error.
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    This is not user error.

    5 Cleitos here, no issues ... so ? ...

    Why don't you try the RTA deck ?
  • I still get about a few weeka to a month out of a coil. Interesting to see what the issue really is.
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    I use the RTA, because the coils that came with it sprayed the hell out of me with juice, mouth was numb constantly. Bought the fatboy glass and RTA to resolve this issue because every coil I tried was terrible. RTA was working great, no spitting/spray, no dry hits, could chainvape and then all of a sudden I got the vacuum lock issue. Now I can barely get a puff out of it, brand new coils in there yesterday and I litterally smoked my cotton today, finally got the tank finished after 100's of "burps" and the center section of my cotton is gone, 2 tails on each coil, no cotton left inside the coils, thanks aspire for letting me smoke cotton! :@ I knew I was tasting it but kept telling myself, it just needs a "burp", ya no, now I'm wheezing and everything after SMOKING cotton all day... This vapor/vacuum lock is total bs, wtf is wrong with this thing??! Save yourself the money, the coils and the RTA and the fatboy glass is not the issue... This is a defective product imo, it does not produce vapor it produces smoke from burning cotton...
    3840 x 2160 - 2M
  • Not user error. Definitely a gasket fault somewhere, the sad part? Only way to get those new gaskets is to buy a new tank or order them from china.
  • We should file a lawsuit... Seriously. Anyone want to join me?
  • It's the pyrex/top gasket guaranteed. I just changed mine and it works again.
  • I do have to agree. I am also having the same problem. I bought this product this past Saturday August 27th and it was absolutely awesome. The taste and vapor production was exceptional. Starting yesterday. Tuesday August 30th I noticed that the hits were tasting a little burnt. So I took off the top cap and I experienced the same bubbles that everyone else is talking about. I took the tank apart and cleaned everything up and put the same coil back in. The first 2 hits were back to being what I would consider "Normal" after that it was the burnt taste again. And now it is leaking quite a bit from the air holes. I have owned other Aspire products and have found a quirky issue with them all that makes me think that these products are not tested for more than a day before they are mass produced. Aspire has one thing down though. Your products are always some of the best or better looking products on the market so I wonder if that is your plan in the first place. To tell "pretty" products just to sell them and not worry about the customer from there. This Cleito tank was the absolute best tank for the first few days that I had it I bragged to everyone how it was the best tank on the market. Surely Aspire knows of these coil issues and is working to resolve it for the customers who have stuck with them for years now and have he'll support their business to what it is today. I hate to say it but I will be a lot more hesitant now when buying Aspire products and I hate that because there is so much I truly like about your products but the longevity is something that matters and something that is currently lacking with your products. I'm sorry to complain but I just want to see a change with your Atomizers that would help life you company to the potential that you all have.

    I DO NOT want a refund. I just want to purchase a pack of coils that all work and that will last atleast a week and a half or 2 weeks. I'm not always a chain vaper either so I see no problem as to why they shouldn't last me that long. Thanks and good luck with the remedy!!!

    Like your company name states. "ASPIRE" TO BE GREAT!!!
  • Just to add how I use the Cleito to my post above so Aspire isn't wondering. I've been using a the Cleito tank with another Aspire product the Pegasus V2 70 Watt MOD. I'm using a liquid from Cold Smoke Vapor Works in Bristol Virginia called "Dragon Snot" it's a 70/30 VG/PG blend. I've already typed in the codes on both of the products to make sure they are authentic and they all stated that they are. And I typically take about 200-300 vapes a day and the coil I'm using is the stock .4 Ohm coil that came pre-installed in the tank.
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    hello friend:
    thank you so much for your kind support and suggestion.
    In oder to support the qualified products to aspire customers,every of our products is checked by three procedures.
    The cleito tank is for high wattage,cloud vaper,so it will takes much e-juice than normal mouth to lung tanks.
    Here some kind suggestion from aspire engineer while using the cleito tank to avoid burnt tast:
    Our suggestion is that start at a low wattage for example the 0.4 ohm coil rated40-60W, start use it at 25W,use it for a few puffs, then slowly turn up the wattage, until you get the best flavor and vaper amount.
    Then use at this wattage. The cleito is for cloud vapor,it need time for the atomizer to soak enough e-juice.We suggest to let the tank have a rest for every a few puffs, to let the tank soak jucie especially when the VG of juice is high.After refilling,we need let the tank sit for awhile, to allow the coil to soak up the liquid,What's more,please refilling the tank in time before the e-juice inside the tank completely used up to avoid burn taste.
    Every refilling,customer need let the device stand up for at least 2 minutes.
    At last,when long time no using(more than 2 hours or we can not use up one tank e-juice one day),the cotton inside the atomizer will soak overmuch e-juice,which will stop e-juice and air entering into the please don't let the tank with e-juice stand up for long time.
    Any problem,please feel free to contact our service : [email protected],they will check wth our engineer and give the suggestion and solution

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