22mm CF Mod/Maxx to fit Nautilus X


Is there any plans to release a 22mm CF Mod/Maxx/K5 to fit the Nautilus X?

I'd like Aspire to do a variable wattage stick battery like the CF Maxx that looks like the K3/4 that looks sweet with the 22mm Nautilus X.

I know there is currently the CF Mod and Sub ohm models - but both of these arnt rated for 1.5ohm coils that the X uses.

I also know the CF Maxx is available but this 30mm so a bit too big - and it's supposed to look like a carbon fibre vibrator so don't really wanna be walking round with that hanging out of my mouth.

Let me know if there's anything similar coming in the future, or if I should find something else!


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