Nautilus X gurgle after refill, intake holes avoided, not filled to top

I really, really want to like this tank. The X's leak-proof design is why I bought it. However, it seems any time I refill the tank, it gurgles. OI can't explain why. I avoid both intake holes of the coil. I don't fill it all the way. I don't tip it enough for liquid to get in the coils. It just gurgles, every time, after refill. I have to blow out the liquid and wipe it down for it to stop. If anyone can tell me WTF I'm doing wrong, I'd appreciate it. After I blow it out it vapes just fine until refill. Both intakes open on full. Any tips?
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  • Just take two or three good vapes after refilling and the gurgling will go by itself.
  • That's the thing...there aren't two or three good vapes, it's two or three inhales of juice. Liquid form, juice.
  • What is the power you vape at ?
  • 15 Watts and I tried different volt amounts each time.'s unavoidable. After I blow it out it vapes fine, I just can't figure out how it happens when I avoid the holes and everything, it's weird.
  • What's your liquid PG/VG ratio ?
  • Just checked, it's all VG. It's called Mt. Shasta Frost by Velvet Cloud
  • The Nautilus X was rated at it's start as a high PG tank, perhaps a clue ?
    Try with a liquid with a lower VG rate, I use a 30/70 pg/vg rate, no gurgling problems on mines.
  • Thanks for the tip! That just might be the issue
  • As I would agree that the Nautilus X is rated as a higher PG tank, I would have to disagree with @Cegoca on this one. With a higher PG juice, you would get more flooding due to the thinner juice. I would still try his suggestion as a different juice could make a difference in how the tank performs. Not sure where you are from, but if the weather is warmer now, try filling your tank at cooler temperature(like room temperature). As it gets warmer outside, your juice will thin out and can cause flooding issues. I started to get some spitback from juice I use on my Cleito(still need to place my order for Nautilus X) because of the warmer weather and it is Max VG. Also, and I always stress this when juice is getting where you don't want it, check all your O-Rings. Make sure that each one is seated properly and where they should be.
  • @midnightwolf I would normally also have said the contrary, but this issue must come from somewhere and most probably from the juice I think.
    Perhaps a higher PG will better equilibrate the tank ... worth a try because flooding with a 100% VG seems so strange ...
  • Ya, thats why I suggested to still try it. Who knows what the juice type could be doing.
  • I had this problem. Vaping 65pg/35vg. Gurgling and spitting. It was resolved by opening up the airhole all the way and turning down the wattage to 10. Works great now.
  • Oh, and my understanding is that the Nautilus X was designed for higher VG. Which makes sense because the slots in the atomizer are much larger than those in the Nautilus mini atomizer. A good friend always vapes hers at 16 watts. I know she uses juice that is pretty high in VG. I'm betting that is why she is able to use a higher wattage than I can with 65pg/35vg.
  • I have a cubis and Vaporesso Guardian tank, both have a similar coil design as the u-tech coils, with a closed bottom. The problem occurs with both my tanks, when you fill up and screw down the top a little bit of juice gets pressed through the wick into the air hole. With a traditional design this would result in a minor leakage in the air hole, but with this design it just sits at the bottom of the coil unit. Usually out of reach of the actual coil. Opening up the air holes to the max and blowing into the drip tip without firing does the trick for me. I usually hold a tissue over the air hole to prevent mess.
  • When I get overfill in the Nautilus coils, I just twist up the end of a tissue into a long tight cone and insert it into the coil to absorb the excess juice.
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