Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who Can Build the Best Triton RTA of them All?

Ok, I've built the Triton RTA 1.8 ohm vertical coil close to 100 times, probably more, but I never get the same thick hit as from the prebuilt coil.
Can someone make a video? I've seen the Youtube videos out there, but none of them really shows vaping with it afterwards.
Can someone with a background in theoretical physics do a video?;)
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  • With the RTA kit, you get less airflow due to the smaller diameter hole at the top of the coil head. You do get the best performance out of it with verticals, but in my experience you still get the best performance with the stock coils on that one.
  • Hello,
    Please allow me to join the club of >100 Triton RTA builders. Looking for close results to 1.8 ohm prebuild vcoil. Here is my formula, which I consider acceptable:
    - Kanthal 28GA, 9 wraps, 2.5mm inner diameter (adapted to myself), ~5mm length
    - for me the challenge is the wicking (; I cut a stripe from a pad (UD, whatever) and use 3/4 from this
    See the attached images (https://goo.gl/photos/6YLKdjwEdUz2XMZq8).
    Now, about the behavior: as I said acceptable. Of course, not as prebuild 1.8ohm.
    2560 x 1600 - 4M
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