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just started using the Plato. every time I refill e-liquid I get a couple of attempts where the liquid gurgles like mad and a mouthful of juice. I have to roll up a piece of kitchen towel, soak up liquid from the chimney and then it settles down.

using Nautilus 1.6 ohm @ 11W and half airflow which works great once it's settled, 80% vg liquids mostly. when I refill I open both rubber caps as per the manual.

what am I doing wrong and how do I refill then get a good result following the 3-4 minutes wait for liquid to absorb back into the coil ?

thanks :)
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  • How I do a refill : I put the Plato off (or remove the battery cell) and put it horizontally.
    I open both plugs and start to fill from the upper one.
    When I see the tank is almost filled, I close the bottom plug, put the Plato on a 45° angle and continue the filling slowly till the tank is almost filled.
    Few puffs without firing, Plato on (or put the battery back) and immediately take a few good puffs.

    Also, whenever I change the resistance, I take the opportunity to clean all parts and while doing that, I put the Plato upside down to allow any liquid stuck in the base to fall down.

  • yes - thanks - read through all that when I had the problem - it talks about dry hits but not liquid in the chimney.

    bit of a faff having to clean it out each time I refill, and even after doing this the problem is there until maybe 20-30 minutes after refilling. If that's the time it needs to settle - no problem but the guidance should be updated from 3-4 minutes if this is the case.

    any other suggestions ?
  • rs32 said:

    what am I doing wrong and how do I refill then get a good result following the 3-4 minutes wait for liquid to absorb back into the coil ?
    thanks :)

    Why wait 3-4 minutes when you do a refill ?
    The coil still has some previous liquid on it.
    Each time I refill, I immediately puff 3-4 times without firing (you can feel the chimney clearing) then take a few good vapes.

  • ok, so that helps a bit, doesn't clear immediately for me though. I take it this is excess air building up in the bottom section of the chamber where liquid normally sits ? Do you open both plugs to refill as per the manual ?
  • still not going great for me - it seems the price to pay for a great device most of the time is a mouthful of liquid x5 until it settles after every refill, and the associated annoyance of cleaning out with paper towel. not exactly 100% smooth running !
  • Try harder ! ! !
  • so for the first time I got a good result. cleaned the tank out fully today, replaced the coil with Triton Mini 1.2ohm, refill fully and adjust to 15-16W. Leave the unit to charge completely for maybe 2 hours.

    then a couple of non-firing drags as per above, and finally, no bubbling/gurgling ! It seems the unit really does need longer than a few minutes to settle, and also the non-firing pulls are essential.

    thanks Cegoca for the advice ! Also flavour nicer with the Triton Mini coil, I'm using Ruthless Ez on Ice with a bit of Bord02 methol/eucalyptus and a touch of Elements Frost-dripper Limon.

    Hopefully this helps other Plato users - it's taken a while for it to settle down properly. I have a suspicion that hammering the previous coil whilst it was gurgling away really did not help, and the new Triton one has not been through any of that.
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