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Hi, I've got a quick question, I purchased a K3 from eBay. Checked out the scratch code and it came back ok on Aspire's website.

I've noticed that the Aspire's seen online etc all have Aspire in gold writing or some sort of logo on, this one I have has nothing apart from K3. Reason I'm querying this is because I've been having a few problems with it so starting to wonder if it's actually even a real Aspire product.
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  • @Emzelda

    When you checked the scratch off. did it say "Congratulations" or did it say that the code has been checked a number of times? If you didn't get the Congratulations, it's a fake.
  • It came back saying congratulations, but the thing is all of the K3's I've seen have Aspire on the side, this one simply has K3, so was just checking, if it's meant to have this.
  • The yellow "aspire" can come off/be scratched off (at least, it did on one of my CF Maxx).
    Was it second hand you bought on ebay ?
    Did you damage the lower part of the mod, as can be seen on your picture ?
  • The K3 was purchased new via an eBay shop, the aspire had a charging problem. Checked it was clean etc on battery terminals and tried other chargers. Contacted shop who wasn't helpful, and then I saw that other K3's had the Aspire sticker on.

    The lower part was damaged as I removed the battery cover as I was going to wire another one up.
  • Why didn't you return your purchase ?
  • @Emzelda ,this is aspire logo near the "K3",if your new product didn't have the logo,I am afraid that you got the fake aspire product,please contact the seller for refund
  • The only thing is this is outside the 30 day window, as I've had it for a month or two now. I'll contact them and see if I get anywhere.

    Thank you guys.
  • Its not necessarily a fake - the yellow logo can be rubbed off with your finger - mine came off the first day I used it & I know mine is genuine because I bought it from the official aspirecig site and got the "congratulations" message from the scratch code.

    The vapour & flavour it produces is really good but it spits & gurgles all the time and leaks whenever it's laying down or in the pocket so I only used it for a couple of days.
    -I've checked all the seals & o rings etc and all seem like a good fit but it still leaks. I dont use liquid with more than 50% VG with these 1.8 coils as recommended on the aspire site but I also get a lot of liquid coming up the mouthpiece.

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