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I have received my Plato yesterday. I have setup devise and was wondering on which level i should keep my Watts.

Currently i am using on 15W. What difference it will make on less and more Watts?

Since i am a new user, any suggestion will be appreciated.

Thank you,

Khal Nayak
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  • @KhalNayak

    You should set the wattage to within the suggested range that is specified on the coil you are using. Then start at the lower end of the suggested range and work your way up until you find where your juice tastes the best to you. It is recommended not to exceed the recomended wattage for the coil that you are using or you will get burnt hits or could damage the coil. Good Luck!
  • @ charlzrocks thank you for response. can you also let me know if we can only charge device with the cable provided or i can use normal mobile charger or car charger?

  • @KhalNayak

    I myself do not use a car/mobile charger so I wouldn't know how to direct you in that respect, sorry. Maybe there are other users that could chime in....@Old_Salt?
  • @KhalNayak You can use a car charger such as the Anker with IQ technology. I have used Anker products in the house and on the road exclusively for all my USB charging needs, including Aspire MODs for over a year without any problems.
  • im currently using the .4 coil and vaping at 33w and fully open but i take quite a long hit and if the wattage is higher i tend to get a burnt hit
    took quite a while for me to finally get it right ...

  • I also used .4 coil and vaping. It's really great. Thank you!
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