Phil Busardo's review for the nautilus x

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  • I find the face to face with the Protank not pertinent at all !
    It's like comparing a city car with a SUV.
  • Yeah, I didn't get his reasoning at all....apples and oranges.
  • The only 'thumbs down' I agree with is the difficulty in seeing the AFC on the black version. The stainless version seems much easier.

    Gurgling? That was probably due to overfilling the tank or spilling some juice into the coil while filling it.

    The coil change was just plain wrong. Empty the tank and remove the glass before changing the coil. The coil is then easy to remove.

    Like any new tank, some time is needed to familiarize yourself with the Nautilus X. I don't think he did his homework before the review. Comparison with the Nautilus would have been fine. The ProTank is a completely different animal. The Cleito with its RTA would have been a more appropriate comparison for the ProTank.
  • I totally agree with you.
    He did a real filthy job changing the resistance that way.
    Already told @Tina that the black version's airflows are very difficult to see.
    I have the Rainbow version and it's much easier.

    Busardo must have lots of other material to review on queue and cannot take some time using the Nautilus X ... like we do ;;)
  • Anothee PBusardo video where he compares the Nautilus X, the Nautilus and the Kabuki, all on Aspire coils.
  • I've got the nautilus x in rainbow but cracked the tip and now I can't find replacement ones for this as there like a sleeve to go on it, it's alright aspire making them this way to stop people changing tips but at least make replacement parts available for it before releasing into stores
  • @jwood0294 thank you for supporting aspire and sorry for the inconvenience.
    I will pass your kind suggestion to aspire products development department.
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