Aspire Triton mini leaking out of the air holes

I am using the aspire Triton mini with the 1,8 Clapton coils. Using high vg ejuice and I'm getting leaking out of the air holes. When I fill up I turn it on to fill mode then fill up then turn it back to vape mode. All rubber seals are in tacked and the Clapton coil is nice and snug fit. This Triton mini is only a week old. Its a real pain that its leaking because the flavor is awesome and there is no gurgling at all but the leaking is a real pain in the neck. So how can I fix this problem.
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  • Clean the tank thoroughly to ensure there's no dirt on your seals. Check the seals on your coil making sure they're in good condition. Reassemble, making sure the coil is tight, and the tank is snug. Re-fill, leaving a couple of mm airspace at the top of the tank. Switch to vape mode, and you should be good to go.
  • Have you checked the scratch off code to make sure the tank is genuine? The fake ones come with iffy machining and the coils are just trash. And like @Old_Salt mentioned, Do not Overfill the tank!
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