How to have a satisfying relationship with the Aspire Cleito, help?!

Greetings Earthlings!

I've been rocking the Aspire Cleito for a few months now, along with the Reuleaux RX200 mod from WISMEC. Huge improvement on my vape satisfaction (not my wallet though) except when it comes to the Cleito coils... At least I'm assuming that's where my troubles are.
The consistency is hit or miss- Some coils are great with bold flavors that last a couple weeks give or take, and some are awful either right off the bat or after a short amount of time (like a day). While in pursuit of answers I've learned a few things but also picked up more questions along the way...
Things like priming, breaking in a new coil, using the "right" juice, keeping watts in check, batteries charged, etc I know are factors that contribute to quality and lifespan-
However, everyone has shown me very different ways to prime/set up/break in coils and which type to use (0.4 vs 0.2) all insisting it was the correct way even though it was conflicting with others.
I'd really love some input so I can put together a system that works best for me...
I've only tried the 0.2 coil once, assured it would give me the bold flavor I want, all that and a bag of chips kinda thing, but I'm not sure if it was a dud or what. I couldn't taste aaanything. Just clouds with no flavor at all, went back to 0.4 a week later and got a great coil that gave me all the delicious vape I wanted, stoked! Grabbed a replacement a little over a week later and it was doing its thing just fine for a day then outta nowhere completely turned into burnt toast, zero clue how or why.

So all that being said... I'd like to know:

-0.2 vs 0.4 and why...
-how do you prime your Cleito coils?
-how do you set up and break in your Cleito coils?
-what's the average life span of your Cleito coils?
-how many watts do you run?

And of course I'm a total juice junkie so bonus points for adding your favorite juices to vape with the Aspire Cleito, always looking! (My current top three are Indulgence by Binge Vapors, Dragon Chi by Halcyon, and Saints by Ritual)
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  • @Annarism!
    I have found that the higher the wattage run the less flavor that you get. More heat seems (to me anyway) to take away the flavor of the juice regardless of it's makeup. That said, I run both of my Cleitos with the .4ohm Clapton coil running at 40 watts. I use a slightly longer drip tip than the stock delrin drip tip to deal with occasional spitting and heat. I like a cooler vape and lots of flavor. My juices vary but are generally either 50/50 or 70 vg/30 pg and between 3 and 6 mg nic. I have never had a problem with these coils and I always get tons of flavor and no leaks at all. My coils last 2-3 weeks...YMMV. :)>-
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