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From the title you all ready know what I'm going to say. These forums need a polish, badly. The index down the left doesn't line up properly, and overall it's just not nice to look at, which as a forum isn't good.

Just a suggestion.

These don't line up properly, and have elements cut off.

Whats with the indenting?

What is this?

Examples of what I mean. Just needs polishing.

If I hadn't been directed here, I would have thought this wasn't an official forum.

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  • @Niall thank you so much for your kind suggestion.
    We can see the whole CATEGORIES on the left of the home page(as below),which browser do you use? would you please refresh your browser to have a try?

    For the new discussion button,I have pass this problem to our administrator,he will check and amend it

    Thank you again for your kind suggestion :D
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  • I can see the whole menu, but why are the blue post count boxes not formatted straight down the edge?
  • @Niall which browser do you use?
    it lines up properly on my computer and the same way on my colleagues' computers
    how about others?
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