Cleito RTA review

First off, I really like the Cleito, with the stock coils it's a beautifully performing tank, if a bit spitty with the really sweet juices (I'm looking at you Elements). I got the RTA because, as most people do, I started getting interested in building, but didn't want to get another tank.

I did get the 5ml "fatboy" glass at the same time, because the RTA takes a more room inside the tank.

I've has it just over a week now, so I've had a chance to see it's plus points, and foibles too. It hasn't leaked, at all. As long as you push your wick right down into the holes in the deck it shouldn't do. It also wicks like a champ, I have had no dry hits.

Flavour and vapour are great, easily as good as, if not better than the stock coils.

I took it apart today, to re-wick, it didn't need it, but it had a lingering lemon-sherbert taste. Getting the three pieces apart was tricky, they're small, and I'd done them up tight, but it soon bowed to my will, and pliers.
After pulling the old wick, dry burning, an re-wicking, it's chucking again, no problems whatsoever.
The build deck is small, but considering it fits into a 22mm tank, getting dual claptons on it is great.

The pre-fitted coils are claptons, my kbox is reading the build at .42ohms, and I'm vaping at 60w. My mod didn't want to read it at first, so I switched mods. The second read it okay, so I switched back to the kbox, and it was fine.

The draw is still really loose, same as with stock coils, personally that's one of the best points of this tank, in my opinion. Like all tanks it still tries to spit, but with the coils further from your mouth now, and in a little bell, it doesn't make it into my gob!

If you have a Cleito and are on the fence, get it.
If you have a Cleito and didn't know they're was an RTA available, get it.

It is well worth it.
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