What size are the clapton coils on the Cleito RTA mod?

I need xtra ones, per-rolled preferred what size are they? I need them asap
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    I got some of these https://www.fasttech.com/products/3407805 to try out. I will report back. I'm aware it'll drop the ohms, but it's rebuildable, isn't the point to do it how you want?
  • I don't have mine yet. It's on its way.

    @Tina posted that they are 26awg wrapped with about a 36awg. The coils are about 0,9Ω each. The images show five and a half wraps. Steam Engine shows that you need an inside diameter of 3mm with 5mm legs to get a 0.89Ω coil. Two of these will give you a 0.35-0.45Ω; 40-50w like the originals did.

    So, a Clapton coil, 26awg core and 36awg wrap, wound five and a half times on a 3mm form.
  • If you want premade wire, you can buy wire shots and rolls of 26g wrapped with 32g online. Have not seen 36 over 26 before premade but if you search hard enough you might be able to find it. I use them all the time in rda's and they work great.
  • the pre-installed clapton coils:single coil,the resistance is 0.7-0.85ohm,and 0.35-0.45ohm for two coils,suggested wattage is:40-50W
  • The coils linked in the post above work great. They need spacing out, but easy.
    3264 x 1840 - 2M
  • Lol mvs my vapor store darn auto correct.
  • I think ima get some of those I did find some that are close to the original coils at msa vapors though.
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