I ordered the Celito tank and the R.T.A. for it April 27th. It is may 13th and i still haven't got it. When aspire gives me info to track it, I am referred to a Chinese shipping company's website where it only translates basic things, nothing about the date of my delivery. Has anyone else gone through this? I wonder if i could just cancel and order from an American shop. Anyone else had this pain?

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  • I got my RTA and tank today!!!! Open mouth and insert foot.
  • Don't chew too hard there Rick.... when getting shipments from China the term "Slow Boat" almost always applies. Unless you get it shipped DHL (which entails it's own problems for some users) it will always take 2-3 weeks or more depending on when it's sent, Chinese Holidays involved, and other factors. Patience is the key.
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