Nautilus tank and sub ohm'ing

Im reading a lot here on sub ohm'ing and the nautilus tank and how you cant do it. I have to say that I have been using the Nautilus tank with a Aspire Triton mini .15 coil for 6 months now and have had no issues! So, not quite sure what the issue is with doing this? Am i missing something here? Any thoughts? btw, using an eleaf iStick tc40w at around 420 F.
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  • @willfire67 You are technically correct in that the 0.15Ω is sub-ohm. Yes, it was designed for the Triton mini, and works well in the Nautilus. These tanks are low power and used for Mouth to Lung vaping.

    The term 'sub-ohm' was originally used to describe mid to high power coils with resistances below one ohm. They were used for Direct to Lung vaping, and cloud generation. With the advent of Temperature control, Ni200 was used as a coil material. This has a much lower resistance than Kanthal wire of the same size.

    Now the distinction has become blurred. A fine Ni200 wire of 0.15Ω can be used to form coils for Mouth to Lung tanks such as the Nautilus. A thicker, and longer 0.15Ω wire can be used to form coils for Direct to Lung tanks such as the Triton 2 or Atlantis.

    The term 'sub-ohm' is being phased out in favor of 'Mouth to Lung' (MTL) and ' Direct to Lung' (DTL).
  • @Old_Salt Thanks Old Salt! That was helpful. Just so I'm clear on what you're saying, 1) a Aspire Triton mini .15 coil is perfectly fine to use with my Nautilus? and 2) Outside the "personal preference" realm, technically would a Triton 2 or Atlantis tank using a thicker longer .15 ohm coil be "better" for MTL, (which is how I vape) Would and could you briefly pro and con the two tanks/coils against each other as far as performance, juice consumption and battery drain? I would very much appreciate it. Thank you!
  • No, you'd get more clouds from the Ni200 for the Triton 2.

    I use the original Triton, often with the Aspire 1.8Ω Clapton coil for MTL vaping. The tank is elegant, rugged, very versatile, and holds more than the Triton mini. I have a life-time supply of them (eight) as I got several free or for very little. The previous owners claimed they leaked. None did while I used them, and only one needed a new seal for the drip-tip adapter. I don't know if it was shipped from the factory that way, or if the previous owner lost it. The trick to using these tanks is not to overfill them. Leave 1/8 of an inch or 3mm airspace.
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