ESP 30w: threads broken spinning - check atomiser warning HELP :(

Hi, can anybody help ...?
I have the Aspire ESP 30w battery, bought around 6 weeks ago. I went to change the coil today and the atonomizer will not screw in to the battery properly - just keeps spinning around. From other discussions online, I'm guessing that the threads are broken/damaged. Is there any way to fix this? The product is official (checked code etc.), but the store I bought it from is 2+ hours away (also bear in mind I live in rural South Africa - I just run out to buy another). I'm actually quite pissed about this as I have been super careful with it. I should have checked out more reviews before I bought it - although my previous Aspire last a couple of years - so thought I was onto a good thing here. Does anyone have any suggestions??? Please .... Thanks, Catherine.
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  • Just to note - coil 0.5 correct, etc.
  • @Catherine The threads on the ESP 30W cannot be repaired at home. It would probably cost more to send it in for warranty service than the device is worth. Check the threads on the tank too. They may also be damaged.

    It's a good idea to have a spare of each item as you need to travel so far for supplies.
  • @Old_Salt Thanks ... definitely the battery. Fortunately my old beat up Aspire still (kinda) works. I've only had this new one for 6 weeks and I've been careful with it - I can't believe it has broken already (and it was (very) expensive over here). Will not becoming back to Aspire! C
  • First of all, can you say what ato you were using ?
    Have you tried to put another one on the ESP ?
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