Aspire Cleito Tank Help

Long time reader of the forums but first time writer so hi to all and thanks in advance for any replies! Got an aspire cleito tank from my gf as a gift. I appreciate her buying it for me even though she complains how I always make the bedroom foggy lol. Anyway to the point. I currently am using a starter kit. The kanger subox mini. Will I be able to use this tank without any issues with the box or will I need to upgrade to something with higher wattage as maximum I can reach is 50. If anyone can suggest a box mod for this tank it would be much appreciated. Budget is 100 £ or $.
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  • @vaporeon The Aspire Pegasus would fill your current requirements. With your budget I'd look at something like a DNA 200 based MOD that will meet your current as well as future needs, and can be tailored to any vaping style.
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