Nautilus "X", first impressions ...

I received the Nautilus "X" today and wanted to share my impressions.
It commes within a hard little plastic box that allows to see the product :

The content of the box : a Nautilus "X" (black version here) with a pre-installed U-tech coil.
A second coil
A spare pyrex tank.

Just wanted to compare it with other Aspire 2ml tanks (Nautilus mini/Nautilus X/Triton mini).

And compare the coil too (Nautilus/Nautilus X/Atlantis/Cleito).

A comparison again, the drip tips now :

The tank taken apart (cleaning will be easy ...) :

Mounted here on one of my good old ESP 30W, but it also looks nice on a black Pegasus mini (actually, it should do on any mod ;;) )

Summarized : a nice looking space saving little 2ml tank.

Now, the vaping experience, in one word : warm !

For a vape like it was on the earlier Nautilus, keep the power around 12 to 15Watts (for fruity or menthol liquids).
If you use it at 20Watts or more, it will give a warm vape, good for all other kinds of liquids.

Nice vapour production (but not such as the Cleito of course) and very nice flavour !

You can play with the power and with the airflow, adapting the Nautilus X's vape to your needs.

I think Aspire has (finally ;) ) found a worthy successor for the good old Nautilus here. B-)
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