New Product quick....

Because of the FDA rules in the USA about to go into effect for ecig manufacturers...I would LOVE for Aspire to make me a mod like the Plato that we can use one 18650 battery with. How about it, Aspire? Please? I think you have 3 months to do that for us. Thanks.
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  • @Amember

    The Plato does take only one 18650 battery, so your wish has already been granted!
  • Oops...well I really goofed that one up! What I meant to say was I want Aspire to give us an RBA for the Plato. There, that's better! lol
  • I'd also like to be able to use my own other Attys in the Plato....
  • @Amember thank you for your kind suggestion.
    I have passed your suggestion to our products development department.
    Hope in future,we will supply you with more innovative products
  • @Tina I think I know what she is talking about. She wants a device that is regulated, runs off of a single 18650, and the 510 is recessed into the box to where you screw the atty into spot in the box and all that you have is the drip tip poking through the hole. If you search up Railbox by Vape Tools, you can get some examples of what I am talking about.
  • I'd like to have more Platos but NOT before I can get an RBA for it. I want to build my own coils.

    I'd also like a mod just like the Plato but that will let me use my own attys. Wish I could use my Crown atty on the Plato, for example.
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