Off Topic: Fort McMurray Fire.

Two of my brothers in law, and a niece's families have been evacuated from Fort McMurray. As family is involved, I've been staying close to the computer, and phone for updates. They are now safe, staying with my sister in Calgary, and a niece in Edmonton.

This video shows what they drove though to leave Fort McMurray.

Two of them lost their homes so far. A video of a home in the area shows just how quickly the houses are being lost. This is from a security camera taken only 20 minutes after these folks evacuated. Yes, these folks vaped. The MOD and tank are on the end table beside the fish tank.

Here are satellite before and after images showing areas of the city that have burned so far.

The forest fire covered more than 100,000 hectares (1000 square Km, 386 square miles) as of last night, and is expected to double in size again today.
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