FDA Releases Rules and Regulations

The FDA today just released the rules and regulations that extends its authority to cover All Tobacco Products, Including E-Cigarettes, Cigars, and Hookah. This will mean that any e-cigarette product not on the market since 2007 will have to undergo FDA Approval. Information is still being gathered as this was just released today. Here are a few links to visit for more information

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  • The House is working on an amendment to the appropriations legislation that has passed the House Appropriations Committee that may grandfather in some devices. What I'd do in the US is buy a large amount of high concentration nicotine liquids (100mg/ml).
  • And I thought the European TPD was hard !
    These rules also concern flavours and non-nicotine liquids apparently !
  • @Cegoca I think flavour concentrates, PG, and VG will be exempt, or sold for 'other' purposes. High concentration nicotine liquids will be hard to find. MODs and tanks will be smuggled in by individuals from companies such as GearBest that carry a range of products. They'll be described as power supplies and repair parts. We went through this in Canada back in 2009. It will be tougher for the Americans as cross border trade is tracked more closely now.

    Nobody has commented on it yet, but the FDA also claims authority over software such as e-Scribe, and firmware for the MODs. Americans may find vaping manufacturers' websites blocked by their ISPs.
  • We knew the rules and regulations were coming. The problem starts with the FDA. They can make rules and regulations, but it does not make them law. One of the benefits that this finally came out is that it can finally be brought into the court system to be challenged.
  • The problem is that what the FDA says is in effect what will be followed. It will take a law to over rule them. Most of us have experience with "It's better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission." Now that a ruling has been made, there will be reluctance on the part of lawmakers to modify or overturn it.
  • Can you say "Blackmarket"? I know you can!
  • Can you say "Blackmarket"? I know you can!

    No, but it will be vaporware at its finest :D

    ... or would that be vaperware? :-t
  • A petition about "Overturn the FDA's ruling on ecigarette classification as a tobacco product."
    Here : https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/overturn-fdas-ruling-ecigarette-classification-tobacco-product
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    Spread around, please ! ;)
  • @midnightwolf thank you for bringing us this information.
    We will check it.
    Thank you again
  • @Tina No problem. It is something that everyone that vapes needs to be aware of. B-)
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