Leaking Plato: Any Help?

I just received my new Plato yesterday. Overall I love for form-factor, the auto-rotating screen, the 'look', etc. But the device leaks! I drained and checked the o-rings, once did seem to not be set right, so I did adjust it. I vaped for about an hour, and did not notice for sure any leaking. A couple small smears of liquid I was not sure if was from before in which I perhaps did not clean up all the way. I put upright on a napkin overnight... come morning about 2/3 of my juice was no in the napkin. O-rings all look good. I love the mod but simply cannot use if this think is gonna leak!! If I cannot find a solution in the next few days, then I'll be taking it back for a refund.

One thing I do not like is that when tightening the coils down is that there is really no way to know if you've got it too loose or too tight. I did find information about how the lower o-ring should 'disappear' into the bottom seating section, but once it's gone you can still tighten quite a bit. I think this tank system could have been better designed. Still, if I can resolve the leaking, then it'd probably be my everyday mod.
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  • I originally started with the sub-ohm coil. I switched this morning to the nautilus 1.8-ohm. Currently I do not see any leaking. Perhaps the issue is coil related and not a seal issue. Will update if leak develops.
  • Do you still have leakage problems? As I encountered it with both types of coil, in the beginning.
    My solution: filling it as explained in the 10 Plato tips on this forum, with both holes open. I also close the airflow before filling. After filling I take 1 or 2 short draws with the airflow still closed and without firing the button. Then I open the airflow to my desired setting and have another 2 short draws without firing the button.

    Up till now it does the job ... using it for about 4 weeks now. Cheers.

    After that it worked fine for me, apart from sometimes some tiny spillage (not real leakage) around the air intake. Hope it helps because the device itself is a winner in my book.
  • I think I did everything but close the vent hole when filling... but I did the same way when using the nautilus coil... still no leaks. When I feel like trying the subohm coil again, I'll do so with the vent closed and see what happens. However, honestly I do not notice a huge difference between the 1.8ohm nautilus and the subohm. I know I certainly get more juice in the tank and the battery will last longer with the nautilus since I'm able to have a much lower wattage. Downside, nautilus is a bit louder which may bug me more over time.
  • Cool :)
    And I agree, not that much difference in taste and vapor between the 1.8 and 0.4 Ω coils. The subohm does generate a bit more vapor, however I find the 1.8 tastier (the liquid, not the coil ;) ) and certainly more efficient liquid- & battery-wise. Also those coil holes are placed way too high. But indeed , the Nautilus is noisier.
    Maybe next time I'll give the Triton Mini 1.2 Ω a try or the 0.15 Ni200 for TC. But I fear the latter might drain my tank in no-time.
    Have a nice weekend.
  • Update: I've continued to have zero leaking while using the Nautilus coil. Refilled a couple times too. I really believe the issue is isolated with the subohm. Maybe one of these days I'll try the subohm again and see what happens.

    Notes: I love how easy it is to change the battery, I also love that the display screen automatically flips on it's own. As long as no leaking, I also find it awesome to refill without removing a take every time you need to add juice. The compact size certainly doesn't hurt either. If they could just make the Nautilus coils a tad bit less noisy, then I don't think I'd have much left to complain about. Hmmm, but perhaps I'd find something! LOL
  • Hahaha, as long as they create noise, you know the device to be working!
    The only thing I can come up with is the display not being bright enough to read outdoors on a clear day. And I use my fav Vapor Giant drip tip on it.
    For the rest ... a nice satisfying device with a great form factor!
  • I tried a couple of the nautilus coils, never leaked. However, I ended up giving the device to my mother. I like the other device I was using just a little better, seemed to get more flavor and vapor with my VaporFlask/KanterTech Sub-Ohm Mini setup. Plus, my mom loved the Plato, so I get bonus credits with her. LOL
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